Engaged teams produce results

We know what it’s like to feel stuck and unable to motivate your employees to be engaged, high-performing team members.

You’ve likely wondered if there is a better way to motivate your team to reach company performance goals. But if you’re like most leaders, you don’t have extra time and resources to develop and implement a goal execution plan your team gets excited about.

We understand you want to be a great leader, and that shouldn’t require time and resources you don’t have.

Our founder, Chris Burgess, traces the principles that make PFL competitions so successful back to his time as a professional athlete where he experienced the winning power of teamwork and competition at a level only a few people do.

Chris combined his athletic experience with his 17 years of management experience as a banker to develop tools for his organization that increased productivity while also increasing employee satisfaction with his team.

When he saw the difference these tools made for the company and the lives of his employees, Chris wanted other organizations to benefit too.

We are committed to helping you boost employee engagement to a new level so you can stop feeling stuck and frustrated your team isn’t performing at a level you know is possible. The process is simple:

  1. Schedule a demo to see how a PFL competition will work for your organization.
  2. We will help you set-up and launch your first campaign.
  3. Celebrate a new level of employee engagement and performance.

You deserve to get excellent performance from your employees and those employees deserve to have some fun while producing those results. When your team is motivated and producing at a high-level, it frees you to focus on growth opportunities that impact your organization’s success.